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Vital T Leaf offers more than just a warm, relaxing cup of your favorite organic tea. We deliver our wholesome teas to customers across the nation, supplying us with bulk leaves and high-quality accessories through our online tea emporium. In perfect fairy tale form, more than one million people have now enjoyed the variety of teas offered by Vital T Leaf, making the 10-year-old story one that continues to thrill and delight tea enthusiasts of all ages.   

In a city renowned for its coffee, Vital T Leaf is a standout; offering high-quality, organic teas of all flavors and types through our Seattle locations. We invite you to visit either tea room and enjoy the world’s best teas at your leisure.

Vital T Leaf Seattle specializes in Chinese loose leaf teas and accessories. Free tea tastings are offered everyday at our shops. Come and explore a wide range of teas including traditional white, green, Oolong, black, Puerth, and flower teas. We look forward to seeing you in one of our two locations! 


International District Store:
651 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

TEL: (206)682-7486